Sunday, November 6, 2011

Don't Forget Teacher

As the holidays roll around - we don't want to forget the teachers in our lives who spend most of the day with our children! Las year I made this basket of goodies for my daughter's 1st grade teacher. 

In it was a handmade card, a pack of personalized stationary, a personalized journal and jar filled with 100 questions that will help him write down his journey as a teacher. The basis of this gift is to provide the teacher with the necessary tools & inspiration to compile his/her *story*.  Several questions are printed onto paper and cut into strips, then curled around a pencil. I got this great gift idea from Nicole Heady who is a huge inspiration to me. Here is the list of questions - already formated and ready to go!

I made personalized stationary for the principal, librarian and another teacher as well. If any of you want to make this adorable stationary I am happy to share it! - email me at and I will send you the document - you simply change the name to personalize your own stationary. Print several sheets and cut it in half!

Happy Crafting!

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